The Old School Drama!

I Wish!



In the age of Tinder,
I still believe in old school romance!

Instead of Swipes, texts, beer and sex,
I love meets, greets, coffee and cuddle!

Instead of having the walk of shame the next morning,
I still believe in reliving those moments the next morning!

I am sure none of you would disagree,
That the old school romance had a special essence!

I simply wish the age of old school romance returned,
Where eye contacts gave the chill through the spine,
Instead of the strip tease or the sizzling body shots!

I seriously wish the essence of newness was still alive,
Where the initial efforts of conversation still excited,
Instead of developing the feeling of not giving a damn!

Can the old school romance just return?
Where Holding hands and forehead kisses were blissful?
Where saying Love You was romantic?
Where the sweet hugs were a person’s biggest strength?

In this world of Netflix and chill,
I wish the age of coffee dates and endless talks returned!

The age of hand written letters and flowers,
The age of warmth and cuddles,
The age of endless caressing and needless fights,
Endless arguments and a love that will last an eternity!

Ohh God! How badly I wish the old school romance returned!

I wish they stop killing the feelings to play it cool,
And start be outspoken to say what you feel!

I know this era has no time to invest in love
But trust me its beautiful to return to a single waiting heart,

Rather than bumping into a stranger daily!

I wish the Internet just vanished one day,
So that the tinder trend comes crashing down!

And finally you will sit with one,
And embrace the one you have with you!


_ Arya Money

Hey My So Called Friend!

Hey there!!


Do you remember our first meet?
And the way you used to treat?
Because for me they are still afresh like a happy feat!


Do you cherish the moments we came close?
Or the fights for which we just froze?
Because I live them as that was the time with no lows!


Do you know how badly I am in love with your body scent?
Or do you even know that for me every meet is a happy event?
Because I always celebrate the times we have together spent!


Did you even love my company or was I just your travel friend?
Or say did you actually let me in your life or did you have a perfect planned end?
Because I completely got into you like a perfect blend!


Do you even remember the moments and secrets like I do?
Or did you just with the flow row?
Just tell me because I am not prepared for the upcoming blow!


Did you realize that I started falling for you?
Or did you just choose to ignore and acted like no clue?
Because each passing day you became my life’s color hue


Did you just wanted to make love to me?
Or say did you just ignore the tenderness part in me?
Because you never realized your soul had a part in me!


Don’t think you enchanted me
Or say, I am not gonna accept it and will be me
Because all you did was make it look like a dead sea


Can you just tell me how can I overcome these?
As I have no clue how to let go and just enjoy the breeze
Just tell me because one day, I know I will have to pay heavy hefty fees!


 -Arya Money

To Inceptions!

 To New Beginnings!


Seen a lot of drama,

Been through a lot of trauma,

I guess the better game was the Alpha, Beta, Gamma!


Is it a walk of illusion?

Or a one filled with confusion?

It seems I now need a conclusion,

To this walk filled with delusion.


A ray of hope at the end or is it just a mirage?

Because all I could see was souls in camouflage.

It seems liked a messed up garage,

Where everyone pretended to have worn a corsage!


Done with the days of guilt and games,

Want to now rise from the flames.

Sore high and fulfil my aims.

So that they stop giving me illusionary names.


I now see myself in the rebuilding,

With no more behind the doors hiding,

I am sure I am no less than a gilding,

So, now why not be a milding?


Now no more of the hopeless talking,

Or the nugatory overthinking!

Leaving behind the pointless fire walking,

Well, I am sure its a good start to positive ball hawking!


So that’s all! No more endless drama,

And unwanted mind sucking trauma.

Now life will be more fun than the Alpha, Beta, Gamma!


– Arya Money

Watched Him Go !

I watched him go


I watched him go
With a heart full of memories
And a silent tear


All I could do was wonder why he left
I wondered was he in some sought of bereft?
Or was he is some sought of Quest?
Well, he could have simply expressed!


I wondered how he stayed still?
How could the cold wind not give him a chill?
I watched him all night, but not even a shrill
For a moment I asked was it God’s will?


I wondered if the nights had a frown
Or was it the stars that just refused to look down?
For an instance, I even heard the dew drops break down
But he lay there immersed in some thoughts deep down
And we the people just stood there around


My thoughts were banished
Emotions vanished
Stood there all anguished
I wondered if his name and fame will now be tarnished
As he lay there with his soul unpunished and vanished


I wondered where could I find him?
‘Coz desire to meet him filled the brim
Visions started to suddenly dim
As his body turned into mere ashes skim
Was it a punishment for all my sin?


Because all I could do was watch him go
With a heart full of memories
And a silent tear

– Arya Money

Claustrophobic Nights


To The Fearful Nights

When the lights go off
And darkness starts to creep in
Fear starts to crawl in
Ripping me off my skin
Until I finally give in

A voice then starts to echo
A voice from within
Fear overlooks me with a grin
Slowly peeling me off my skin
Well it seems the gift of my sin
And as the fear crawls in
I give away to its win

A plethora of thoughts in the spin
Each one in the race to win
Fear overtaking each one in the tin
And as it slowly crawls in
I give away to its win

Dark mornings and monstrous nights
Each time trying to win the fights
Against all odds and the creepy frights
Somewhere I know I am giving in to the nights

Eyes glistening with fears
Crying with silent tears
I know they are Falling into deaf ears
God! For heaven, sake get me out of here

Waking in the middle of the night
And each time trying to win the fight
Is like falling into a deep black pit
A pit that seems like a grave
A grave dug for me
Filled with fear and darkness
And as it awaits me each night
I go crazy with each single light
With insanity driving me mad

The violent scream
And the helpless roar
Are the ones yelling for help
And all that I ask for is
A person to pull me out of it
Before the night crawls in
And before I finally give in
To the claustrophobic nights

– Arya Money

The Fading Love Bond

Longing for love, a lost soul walks
With dreams in her eyes
And hopes in her heart
Only to release, she is left with just
The fading love bond


While Summer sang its song
Winter defeated the weak
While Rains brought back memories
Spring embraced them all
But still, she was left with just
The fading love bond


Her heart sinks in pain
When brutal words attack her
Her eyes long for love
Her actions long for appreciation
But she is only left with just
The fading love bond


Even when…
Eyes show judgments
Lips speak hatred
Actions spill disappointment
She waits with hope in her eyes
That one fine day
She will be loved and praised
But all she is left is with
The fading love bond


As the critical words
Brutally kills her
As the reviling world
Kills her confidence
As the world sees through her
And chooses to ignore her
She tries to keep the bond intact
And longs to hear that she is loved
But all she is left with is
The fading love bond


Neither the genes
Nor the blood bond
Could get the love intact
And as words continue to haunt
She lives with hope
That things will be fine
When her ashes will be flown


– Arya Money

No Strings Attached!!

Some bonds are complicated that’s true
Especially when it is afresh and new
Then day by day memories starts to brew
Finally getting gelled like a glue


Call it the most affectionate act
Which comes with no signed pact
Unknowingly drowning in an abstract
Well, you are slowly getting hacked


Call them your mate
But beware! he is not your soulmate
Connected to emotions you wait
Sometimes hating your fate


It’s surely a chemistry to envy
A bond that’s sure, for many years will stay


Call it the race against time
With stakes getting higher with time


Well, it is not a game to attract
Neither a well-planned trap
You just get wrapped
In the wrath of this unknown love packed


Under the bedsheets
And behind closed doors
A new world starts to grow
With no cosmic connections to know


Called it casual
Kept it normal as usual
Forgetting the fact that it is unusual


Neglecting the fact
That fire leaves ashes
They row in the boat
With no hidden regrets
And feeling its a bless


Confused at the mystery
Amused by the fantasy
Submerged with passion
And living with satisfaction
Knowing life is about the superiority
And Mediocrity
Or say it is about domination
And Submission
Which comes with the ” Live and let live” policy
They walk together flawlessly
– Arya Money

The Party Generation

Generation of Parties 


We are the generation of parties

The victim of so called affectionate hearties

A generation which cannot be tamed

Neither be framed, nor be blamed


A generation filled with all kinds of beings

With ones that holds the reigns

And the others that are the feigns

The ones interested in just gains

And not at all worried about the drains


A generation that is high on weed

And low on deed

The ones that are high on potential creation

But low on humanly emotion

The ones that are fueled in alcohol

And are constantly indulged in a brawl


A generation that finds no attachment

And are fearless of detachment

Where lovemaking is the thing they want

But commitment is the word that daunt


A generation full of rotten minds

And are turning reality blinds

The ones that are interested in body warming

And are constantly ignoring the given warnings

The one thing that do not need a mention

Is their high rate of sexual obsession


A generation where hooking up is a norm

And your unwillingness to be a part is a shame

A generation that terms you as a prude

If you haven’t succeeded in conquering bodies

Or if you don’t stick your tongue down a stranger’s throat

A generation that see new faces

On weekend basis


Yes! We are a generation of parties

With the so called affectionate hearties

The ones that are unstoppable till their thirties

But where are we leading?

That’s the current question that’s heating

Hope they remember their emotional covalant bonds

Before they get high on just their sexual bonds


-Arya Money





The Dark Turning Skies 

Every drop has a story to tell..



Drop by drop, there comes the rain
Watching them over the window pane
For some, it brings back the memory lane
For others, it is just a day in vain
Well it is time to splash in the puddle
And for some to have a good nice cuddle
And while you listen to the rain that drops
You know it is time to make your hops
And most of them love the long-lasting rainy day
As they love to live under the sky which is grey
And I must say
That the rains are an expected dismay
As with each drop touching the ground
Every memory starts to hound
With every blue skies turning dark
There come the dark memories like a spark
The crying hearts, the weeping soul,
The empty minds, the suffering soul
I see their tears come like a roll
I hear their pain
And their vain
But that is the beauty of the rain
It washes them all and hides the stain
Listen to every drop of the rain
And you will hear the agony and the pain
And that’s not the only vain
You hear the echoes of the silent scream
Waiting for days to gleam
And to accomplish their long lost dream
Watch the colors wash away if you can
I am sure it will give you memories for a span
And eventually, as the rains pass by, it will leave you with a tan


– Arya Money